How we can help you.

We stand behind our products.

We strive to produce the most accurate (and enjoyable!) simulations possible within the confines of the desktop envirnoment, yet we're also very deeply committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

If you encounter any issues with any of our products, require installation assistance, or just have a general question regarding what we offer or what we do, we encourage you to visit our forums.

Our forums are a focus point for our products. Besides hosting a community centered around the simulations we produce, they are also a place to share tips, repaints, suggestions, and to learn about upcoming products!

Quick Support Instructions:

  • FSX and Prepar3D are no longer supported beyond help with installation and activation, but you may consult our forums here. Note that support forums for our individual products are restricted to the owners of that specific product.
  • To register for our general forums, or for specific product support forums, please contact support at blackbirdsims dot com for registration information and details.
  • Please note that for access to our product support forums, proof of purchase will be required.
  • We do not provide email or telephone support for our products. Thank you for your understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem!! It'll take too long to register, can't I just simply email or call you for help?

We completely understand the frustration faced when a new addon is excitedly purchased & eagerly downloaded, only to run into issues where it doesn't install or work as expected. We feel your pain!

However, even though we take great care in testing our products before release, there many unforeseen issues that can arise either with the product or with your specific hardware and software combination. Our products are quite complex, and often there are multiple members of our team responsible for different areas of a specific product. By posting your problem on our support forums, you ensure that the entire team is able to view your issue and provide feedback and support in a timely manner!

I'm already registered on other flight simulation forums, as are you! Shouldn't I be able to receive help there?

Our various community forums are indeed strong centers for the sharing of opinions and information, and we fully support them. However, sadly, it is also a truth that this small industry is plagued by issues related to piracy. By limiting direct support only to users that have registered for our support forums, we can ensure that our time is spent helping our loyal customers. Plus, we can also eliminate the possibility that a reported issue may be due to a modified or illegal copy of our product.

I'm using a third party program with one of your packages and things aren't working, can I get help with that?

We do offer a few addon packages that are designed to support the use of third party products such as the Reality XP or Mindstar GNS 430/530 products, or the Flight 1 GTN series. However, our support in these cases is purely limited to the installation of the software provided by us, not of the third party product itself. Please refer your support questions to the appropriate vendor of those products.