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New for MSFS2020: MV310R Light Twin Find out more.

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A summary of the latest big picture things going on here at Blackbird Simulations. For the very latest in up-to-the-minute happenings, sneak peeks at upcoming projects, or just to take part in the conversation, you can also head on over to our facebook page. If you're not a Zuckerberg fan, come over to our forum; we'd be pleased to meet you!

Dirty Thirty

15 September 2023

dirty-30 work-in-progress

T-6a ADV wip sneak peek

08 September 2023

Happy Friday everyone! Here is a peek inside our upcoming T6A ADV's cockpit!
We're full steam ahead finalizing this kick-ass bird, and can't wait for you guys to experience it! T-6A work-in-progress

SHRIKE 530F - where quality meets affordability

28 July 2023

If you guys weren't aware yet, we have a branch of Blackbird Simulations, called Shrike. Shrike 530F

Our 530F is out on both PC, and now... XBOX!🤩

This lil baby is a breeze to fly! Check it out on the marketplace, or shop on our website🤘
Shop now : http://shrikesims.com/ac.php?id=530f

PC-6 Update

28 July 2023

PC-6 update

Things we've improved:

  1. Ground handling
  2. Rudder authority

If you haven't gotten your hands on this lil beauty yet, now is the time!

Beale AFB for MSFS - Home of the Habu!

18 June 2023

Beale (KBAB) for MSFS

Realised in stunning detail, Blackbird Simulations KBAB Beale Air Force Base is the perfect stage from which to fly your military missions.

Find out more!

Want more toys without breaking the bank? We got you!

04 May 2023



From the guys and gals at Blackbird Simulations, comes our new lovechild: Shrike!

A special, hand picked, budget friendly, collection of some of our favorite airplanes from our previous releases.

Shrike aircraft look great, fly true, easy on the wallet, and refreshed for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Our legendary Twinkie & 530F are coming your way soon with many more in development from our immense hangar of aircraft.